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Chiotis Consulting

Class A License No. 4290

Marios Chiotis

Marios St. Chiotis - CEO and Founder
Athens University of Economics Graduate

The financial consulting firm Chiotis Consulting and the accounting-tax office Marios St. Chiotis, are top brands in the field of consulting & tax services today.

Our fame comes from our highly trained and experienced executives and our focus on continuous improvement, so as to provide customers with qualitative and holistic services. We address businesses, legal entities, NPOs and entities of any form, while our clientele comes from the fields of industry, craft, catering and trade. But not only. We also provide advice and tax services to natural persons about tax declarations, real estate taxation, inheritance issues, donations, parental benefits, etc.
We are ALWAYS NEXT to businesses and the professionals with effectiveness, professionalism and consistency, giving the best solutions to needs or problems.



We ensure a sustainable business model for you by finding the right European Programs and all the financial tools that will help you modernize, upgrade and grow.

We specialize in guiding and preparing NSRF files, DON’T HESITATE TO ASK FOR INFORMATION!

Chiotis Consulting provides services fully compliant with specific quality requirements. Through the harmonious cooperation of all involved factors (management, staff, partners/subcontractors, suppliers, customers), we ensure the successful completion of each project, communicating this policy to all interested parties. To satisfy the above, we have installed and implement a Quality Management System which is monitored or improved through inspection, evaluation and review programs. It emphasizes to prevention and is also combined with corrective action mechanisms.
Our goals are achieved through our deep know-how, compliance with the relevant legislative requirements, the market conditions, the employment of appropriately trained personnel and all necessary resources (i.e. moral and material means), while we are constantly being informed about quality standards.

All of the above ensured Chiotis Consulting a Quality Certification from TUV Hellas, according to the ELOT EN ISO 9001:2015 Standard.

Chiotis Consulting

  • Financial & Consulting Services
  • Budget Compilation & Control
  • Tax Declarations and Financial Statements
  • Accounting Organization Digitalization & Supervision
  • Payroll Services, Labor & Insurance Issues Management
  • Tax Debts Settlement
  • Business Plans and Company Formation
  • Viability & Feasibility Studies
  • Financial Management and Risk Management
  • Financial & Diagnostic Audits
  • Reorganization & Performance Improvement
  • Conversions, Mergers, Acquisitions
  • Participation for NSRF and other Development Programs
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TUV cert

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